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Taylor Ropp

Owner, Competitive Program Lead

After coaching for 15 years, Taylor has now stepped into the ownership role. Taylor is passionate about the sport and devoted to her athletes. She has a firm but fair approach, and always puts the athlete's best interest first.  Working from a very progressive, step-by-step approach, her athletes thrive and progress at all level of the sport. Taylor's dream is to grow SSA's program and to continue developing a team that loves gym as much as she does.

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Riley Louka

Gym Manager and Administrator

Riley comes to Shining Star with 15+ years experience in customer service, and sport management. You will often find Riley at our front desk or floating around the gym. Riley is the main point of contact for all families at Shining Star Athletics.


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Shania Briere

Pre-Competitive Lead

Coach Shania brings over 15 years gymnastics experience from an athlete and coaching perspective. She has coached trampoline, tumbling, and Women's Artistic Gymnastics, all at a competitive level. You will find Shania in the gym with our pre-competitive and competing athletes. Outside of the gym, Shania loves spending time with her family and cats!

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