Proof of Full Vaccination Status and Proof of Identity Required to enter for everyone (including athletes) ages 12+

Classes will start promptly at their assigned times. Please arrive on time as the gym doors will open 5 minutes early and lock for the remainder of the class time. Parent viewing continues to be off limits for the time being. If a parent must enter the facility, proof of full vaccinated status is required (or an adequate letter from doctor regarding medical exemption)

Parents with children enrolled in Tiny Stars classes also must show proof of vaccination status to participate. 

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns, after viewing the attached link of info from Ontario Government. 

Young Gymnast

Most Recent COVID Updates

Last Updated December 20th, 2021

As we all know, COVID rules are forever changing. Please see this list of most recently updated rules/protocols:
- wearing a mask is now MANDATORY for all athletes during training
- parent viewing will remain closed for the rest of Fall 2021 session at minimum
- runny nose and headache are not on our screening checklist anymore (same as schools)
- if you travel you are no longer required to quarantine/isolated unless you show symptoms or a positive test upon return


COVID Updates and Information

For all Covid-19 related information, please email for a list of all protocols set in place.

1. ALL patrons are required to wear a mask in the lobby unless under the age of 4 years old. *All parents participating in tiny star classes must wear masks (again, masks are optional for participating students under the age of four).

*Coaches are required to wear masks during lessons with the (optional) exception of warm up and while explaining the circuits. With distancing measures in place, this ensures the students can properly hear and understand what is being taught/asked of them.
* Athletes are recommended and encouraged to wear a mask while participating , however this is not required. 

2. If a coach misses a class, a substitute will be contacted to fill in. In the event a substitute cannot be reached and a class cancellation occurs, you will receive a notice by email, and the cancellation notice will be posted online as much in advance as possible. We try our best to reschedule a make-up class, but this is dependent on the schedule. If you cannot attend the make-up class you will receive a class refund/credit towards the next term/T-shirt (your choice).
*If a cancellation occurs due to weather, there are NO refunds.
* Recreational athletes will be given a full refund (minus any classes attended, insurance fee, non refundable deposit) if 75% closure happen. If less than 75% closure occurs, we will asses which credits and zoom classes will be offered

*For competitive athletes, if closure happens for an entire month, you will receive virtual learning and 25% credit (per month) to use towards future programming.
*Make-up classes will no longer be available if YOU cancel or miss class.

3. If a coach or a student/parent tests positive for Covid-19, you will be immediately notified by email and further instructions will be presented from Public Health, and class will be suspended until further notice. If a student presents symptoms during class, that said student will be isolated and have their temperature checked - Parents will be called for pick up and all other clients with children in the same class will be notified by email.

4. There is no parent viewing permitted at this time, due to COVID. 

5. Screening will take place, administered by the coach, before every class. 

6. Long hair should be tied back and jewelry such as dangling earrings, long necklaces, and watches are prohibited. Students should wear comfortable clothing that they can easily move in.

7. If your child cannot adhere to distancing guidelines and keeping their hands to themselves, they will be asked to leave the program and refund will be given minus the deposit.


Important Update

Class Structure, Cleaning, Viewing Area

1. Class times are strict. Please don't arrive early. If you arrive early, please wait outside/in your vehicle until just a few minutes before the start of your class. Please wait outside 2m apart to be screened prior to the start of class. We have allocated time in between classes in order for the coach to clean and prepare for the next class.
*By arriving on time for both drop-off and pick-up, there should be enough time for your child to safely enter and exit the gym while leaving time for new students to do the same.
*Please contact Kate by EMAIL, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK OR TEXT in the event you are running late.
2. All parties will be screened before entry and will receive hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of the building.
3. Our toy room and parent spectating room are no longer available. Instead, each participant (including parents for all tiny and mini star students) will leave their belongings in the lobby at their own chair. 

1. All regularly touched surfaces in the entire space (gym, bathrooms, kitchen and lobby) will be cleaned between each class and thoroughly disinfected at the end of each night, including vacuuming and carpet cleaner.
2. Paper towels are provided in the bathrooms instead of cloth towels.
3. All parties will receive hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of the building.

1. To ensure proper distancing measures set in place we have decreased the number of classes run per day as well as the number of students per class. 
2. When spotting skills, coaches MUST wear their masks.
3. No partner tricks will be practiced.
4. No group games will be practiced unless the kids are masked and can keep distance.
5. We will be using markers in the gym on the floor to help with distancing.